Are we being led?


In church this past Sunday, I found myself digging in my purse looking for the sticker with the magic numbers that would allow me to pick my children up from their classes. After searching without success, I started the process of presenting my drivers' license and filling out a form with EVERYONE'S information. After finally gathering each child with the help of an escort (I was required to follow), we headed toward where we had come in.

But no... we were instead asked to go down a different hallway where we then took an elevator down. A little disoriented, we paused. All of the sudden, who walked right in front of us to leave the back of the church but Dr. Billye Brim! We had been there all weekend for the conference she was holding and after being connected with her prayer ministry for 8 years, I wanted with all my heart to meet her. My 6 children and I followed her and the handful of people who where with her out that door as I thanked her for being there.

She turned around, thanked me for coming and proceeded to lay her hand on each of our children's heads and pray for them! Overwhelmed with thankfulness, we headed to our vehicle. It was quite a while before the smiles left my face... :) What a divine appointment considering I went to such lengths a few years ago to meet her that I attended the funeral of someone I didn't know just hoping to meet Billye Brim since she was conducting the service! Is that terrible? lol

What was interesting about that whole encounter was that if my sticker wouldn't have been lost and I would have picked up our children on time, and gone down the "right" staircase",  I would have completely missed meeting Billye Brim. She was exiting the back of the church on purpose to avoid the masses of people...

I believe these "divine appointments" or "God encounters" are available all the time if we are not always in a rush or allowing changes of plans to affect our attitudes. Our spiritual radar must always be turned on if we want to experience the thrill of these "appointments". Psalm 37:23 says "The steps of a righteous man are directed and established by the Lord, and He delights in his way [and blesses his path]." AMP version

Let our prayer be that we will be more sensitive to the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit and not miss out on any adventures God has in store for us.