Is our commitment being challenged?

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Over the last couple decades of my life, I have failed to stay committed to various aspects of my life. Why is it that we stick with some things but let other things fall by the wayside? 

Just a few things from a long list of my failed commitments are relationships, gym memberships, friendships, addictions... And we won't even start talking about New Years resolutions! We've all been inspired at some point in our life journeys to make commitments to something. The problem is that after making the big decision, we didn't manage that decision daily. 

My good friend and business mentor, Carey Bender recently said "There will always be a challenge to a commitment." How true this is! It's not a matter of if but when. The challenge though doesn't mean the commitment needs to change. It means our stamina to overcome the challenge needs to increase.

Where does that added stamina come from?  On the medical level, stamina comes from the heart. Athletes know that the faster your heart beats, the more oxygen is pumped through the body into the muscles which increases endurance. They also know that they must deny their body certain harmful habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating fried foods all the time.

Psalm 37:5 says "Commit your way unto the Lord and He will bring it to pass."

When challenges come to question our commitment, instead of bracing ourselves for another blow, let's commit our ways to our loving Heavenly Father. He knows our heart's desire is to overcome traps that have come against us and he is always ready to help us. 

So am I saying embrace the challenge? YES! It's not about being perfect at something but about staying committed and never quitting. Let's remember that we are spiritual athletes and to stay focused in our training. With Holy Spirit as our teacher, we will always have a clear play by play.

Keep going! You're looking good! :)