How do you respond to accusation?

Luke 23:1-29 tells of a very interesting account of how Jesus reacted when being put through intense questioning and accusation. First, Jesus was interrogated by Pilot before he was sent to Herod when Pilot realized Jesus was in the wrong jurisdiction. Verses 9-11 of chapter 23 tell us that they questioned him with many words, vehemently accused him and mocked him before they sent him back to Pilot for more questioning. 

Verse 9 says Jesus answered them nothing. Jesus' silence throughout the long questionings in verse 12 actually caused Pilot and Herod, who had been enemies, to become friends. Wow! Imagine what the absence of contention can create... Friends. :)

Jesus' silence and refusal to defend himself and fight back brought restoration between two leaders. Miracles happen when we refuse to allow contention and offense to bother us. Relationships are restored; peace returns. 

Silence is not weakness as some view it. It is, rather, the strongest and sometimes hardest thing to keep our mouths shut in the midst of being wrongly accused. How do you silence the foolish people who keep arguing with you?  1 Peter 2:15 tells us, "For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men."

We keep quiet and continue to do the works God has called us to do. This seems so backwards since our natural tendency is to fight back and defend ourselves. Paul and Barnabus parted ways in Acts 15:39 because of contention around whether John should go with them on their travels. This argument actually split up Paul and Barnabus in their ministering and forced Paul to take Silas with him.

How much better it is to assume that the people who are accusing us are just ignorant.
This reaction only becomes natural when we are filled with the love of God. Let's determine to react like Jesus in every situation.