Are we using the right tools?

 Most of my days don't allow me to get creative outside of figuring out how to keep the garage organized so the cars fit in there each evening. My days consist of creating time-out spaces, building blocks and legos with 5 & 6 year-olds, and gently stacking dishes in cupboards over and over...

Yesterday, though I made time for an actual "adult" project! Knowing for weeks what I wanted to make, I set out for the garage to take apart a pallet my brother-in-law found for me. After watching multiple you-tube videos and scanning scores of pinterest photos, I knew I needed a crowbar. I didn't have a crowbar. Common sense told me a hammer and screw driver would suffice so I went to work wedging the flat head under the boards with the hammer.

First of all, pallet projects are NOT as easy as they look! After a few minutes of wedging, the screwdriver actually broke off under the board (should have seen that coming...). Finally my sweaty self walked to a neighbors house to borrow a crow bar. Although still not easy, boards were coming apart now and soon I was drilling and screwing support boards to the back of my new sign! I didn't even mind painting in the 90 degree heat... I was so pleased with my progress. :)

Life doesn't have to be difficult if we are using the right tools. God's word is like a toolbox which contains every single tool we need to create our lives with. Some tools like faith, patience and love build areas of our lives. Other tools like forgiveness and repentance fix parts of our lives. 

God's ultimate goal for believers is for us to continue growing and becoming the new creation we are in Christ. It's not enough to just know these tools exist though. We have to put them to work in our lives every day. And for those of us who need help knowing which tool to use for which project, we have the Holy Spirit. 

We just need to stay consistent in using these tools.

 Let's ask the Holy Spirit which tool we might need to use today to fix something in our lives. Then when He shows us, let's joyfully grab it and get to work. Keep at it. The finished product will be amazing! :)