Are you peculiar?

How do you feel when someone tells you you're strange or weird?

I recently came across a verse in 1 Peter, chapter 2 that I now see in a completely different light. Verse 9 of this chapter says that as believers we are "peculiar people". (KJV)

I remember entering my teen years and my mom talking to me specifically about this verse and what being peculiar meant. She assured me that being peculiar was a good thing. I knew she was right (because the Bible is right), but I just wanted to fit in with my friends! I wondered if there was a way to be close to God but not be too peculiar...

Another vivid childhood memory I have is of a picture that always hung on our fridge... It was of a herd of sheep all walking toward the edge of a cliff. The caption under it read, "Don't follow the crowd... they may be wrong." Since my last name was Lamb (literally), that hit pretty close to home! lol

The definition of "peculiar" is: Not usual, odd, strange, queer

The word "peculiar" is derived from the Latin and actually means "a people for God's own possession", "purchased possession", and my favorite- "private property"! That's right, PRIVATE PROPERTY. 

Think about that... Because we are God's purchased possession, we are literally off limits to satan! Remind him of that next time he comes to steal your health or any of your possessions. 

The Message translation puts it this way, "You are the ones chosen by God... to be a holy people, God's instruments to do his work and speak out for him, to tell others of the night-and-day difference he made for you-- from nothing to something, from rejected to accepted."

Aren't you thankful for the difference God has made in your life? I sure am! A smile immediately comes to my face when I remember where I came from and how God loved me enough to not leave me there. I'm even OK with calling myself "peculiar" now. :)