My recent lesson in humility

This past Sunday was similar to most Sunday mornings... All 8 of us woke up plenty early (or so we thought), got our 6 children in their nice clothes, fed them, then sat them on the sofas to watch an appropriate episode of something. Nothing with too much action since they're supposed to be preparing to hear from God...

Up until a few weeks ago, the tv wasn't even allowed to be turned on Sunday mornings, but the chaos of having to redress little ones after they played, resulting in leaving the house a disaster finally demanded a change. Even after being a family with children for 14 years, we are still learning how to make life operate smoother! :)

The message that morning was on relationships and reminded us of the triangle, where God is at the top, I am at one bottom corner and Jonathan is at the other bottom corner. 

We were encouraged to personally grow closer to God which will in turn bring us as a couple closer together. I love this visual! On the way home I asked God, "how I can relate to Jonathan when we are not always on the same page spiritually?" (It's not that he's less spiritual but we can both be hardheaded when discussing things if we are passionate about something. :))

God's immediate answer: "If you have to ask Me that question, you're not as close to Me as you think you are; because if you were, I would have already shown you how to walk in love in every situation and how to show grace." "The closer you get to Me, I will flow through you in every relationship and supply harmony no matter where the other person is in their relationship with Me."


I know I am FAR from arriving spiritually (even though I did picture myself a good ways up that triangle lol), but I was reminded of 1 Corinthians 10:12 which says, "So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall." 

I love how God keeps a perfect balance of strength and humility in us when we let Him. And even though He corrected me that morning, I felt His immense love! After all, I am His daughter... 

My prayer is that I am always open to correction from my Heavenly Father and that I quickly make any changes He brings to my attention. God has so much in store for us if we will continue to let Him mold us.