Do you have proper relationships? (photo)

What does God have to say about relationships?

There are so many different types and levels of relationships these days. People have business relationships, family relationships (we can talk about in-laws later) :), intimate relationships, social relationships... I found it interesting that the word "relationship" didn't even exist in both my Bible Concordance or my 1828 Webster's Dictionary app!

I think many would agree that our culture's constant focus on intimate relationships is unhealthy. How many women feel out of place if they are still single by a certain age? Or they continue to date different people just so they're not alone... Take business relationships on the other hand- The mindset is "let's get the job done first, then take time to get to know one another". This is backwards and explains why many clients bounce from one business to the next. 

To find true balance in our relationships, we must look to our Heavenly Father who initiated what He calls "covenant relations". Covenants are unchangeable. He demonstrated covenants with Abraham (Genesis 2:2-3), Noah, Moses, David and many others in the Bible all the way down to you and me! There's nothing we can do that can break His covenant with us.

In ancient times as far back as Abraham, covenants were made in the presence of many witnesses by the two parties making a cut in their arm and bringing their arms together so their blood actually mingled. This made them "blood brothers". So much can be said about this but ultimately we see that Jesus shed His blood so that we can enter into covenant relation with God.

When God chose us as his own, he literally looked ahead in history and saw everything we would do to fall short of his love and he chose to send Jesus for us anyways. Wow! 

Let's keep our #1 relationship a priority every day by spending time in God's word and prayer. All of our other relationships will fall into place when that happens!