Are you happy? (photo)

Would you say on a normal day you feel strong and on top of the world? Or do most days consist of fighting to stay strong and on top of things? Of course circumstances come at us and we have to deal with them from time to time but our normal feelings toward each day ought to be positive. We should be confident that we can attack whatever comes at us each day.

Strength is defined as firmness, toughness, power or vigor. The opposite of weakness.

A synonym of strength is courage. Nehemiah 8:10 tells us that "The joy of the Lord is our strength". So if we need strength, we must tap into God's joy. God isn't just ready to give joy, he possesses joy. All throughout the Bible we can find different things that God takes joy in but for now I want to just point out how living in God's joy will make us stronger than any other way we might try to strengthen ourselves. 

My mom is the perfect example of God's joy giving her strength. She doesn't let living with cerebral palsy her whole life affect her quality of life. Her relationship with God has always been her priority, and her positive, joyful attitude is proof of that. She has overcome multitudes of difficulties that a lot of people in her shoes don't overcome. 

I found it interesting that the words "courage" and "cheer" are synonymous in the Greek! "To radiate warm confidence", "inner confidence that is Spirit-powered". This makes sense though in looking back at the verse that says "the joy of the Lord IS our strength." :) 

No matter what our personality, whether peaceful or dominant, God needs us to be courageous. The more time we spend in His word and in talking to Him, the more full of joy we will become which translates into more strength. This has to be a continuing process though... just like building strong muscles requires consistent time in the gym. 

Let's let God's joy fill us every day so we can be on guard and prepared for whatever the day throws at us! We can be proactive not reactive. :)