Is God forgetful?


Last week I eagerly jumped on the FBI's website to apply for a background check which included being fingerprinted at my local UPS store. My goal of being more involved in our children's school and youth group activities required me to acquire 3 different background clearances. This was not a problem. I even paid the $25.00 for the FBI check.

A few days after successfully applying, I was shocked to receive an email reminding me that 15 years ago I had been arrested for theft! My mouth was literally hanging open as I read the email since I had completely forgotten about this incident! I still don't remember what I stole, although I do remember getting fingerprinted at the police station and being terrified (I was about 19).

Then, interestingly enough, the message at church this past Sunday was on Romans 8:1 which says "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit." We were reminded that when we repent of past mistakes, God never remembers those mistakes ever again! God says in Isaiah 43:25 "I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remember your sins no more."

I love how God says He doesn't remember our sins for HIS sake. I would think it would be for my sake, but it's for His sake so that when he thinks of us, He only sees us through the blood of Jesus and through His eyes of grace and mercy. He can't see us any other way! As I'm sitting in Starbucks typing this, there's a big smile I can't wipe off my face as the greatness of this sinks in.  :) 

The devil is great at reminding us of past mistakes and failures in an attempt to drag us down in our current endeavors. He uses little aggravations to get at us and make us offensive. Or when God gives us a new assignment, he's there in our ear telling us we aren't qualified or we don't have time. 

The way we combat the devil's lies is to do as Jesus did in the wilderness and quote scripture to him. There's a verse in God's word for ANY situation we deal with! And most of all, we must own the fact that after we repent of faults, God does not remember them! And if He doesn't, we sure have no business remembering. 

The FBI and other organizations operate on remembering our past, but thankfully we serve a God who is forgetful. We can get overwhelmed as it is remembering the everyday to-do lists! Let's do ourselves a favor and start being more forgetful.