Who do you want to be? (photo)

At the end of 2016, as I was spending some time looking inward and sorting out my goals and dreams for this new year, I kept coming back to the question "Who do I want to be?" 

I started to realize as I began answering my question that there are multiple answers! As a Wife, Mother, Author, business owner/partner, sister, daughter, friend... the list can seem endless... I knew I would have to start doing some prioritizing. lol

Then I presented my question to God. Yea, I should have done that first... The answer He gave me was both simple and profound (that's usually how His answers are, right?) :) He told me "You have to become before you can be." In other words, He was telling me that instead of focusing on my end goal, I needed to find out what the "becoming" process is going to look like. 

Of course it's important to have an end goal, something to work towards, but after establishing that, the focus has to be on what the process will be along the way. Here are the definitions I found for these two words: 

  • Be: To live, breathe, exist. To be fixed, remain.
  • Become: To pass from one state to another, assuming new properties or qualities.

Becoming is a consistent process. It is an action word. Here's what part of my becoming process for this year looks like...

Make time with God the first thing I do each day, read at least 2 books every month (reading to learn, not just to check it off the list), showing my family more love and consideration than those outside my home (a lot of people are guilty of this without even realizing it), take time to slow down to create little memories with my children before it's too late.

Have you taken time to find out what your "becoming" process will look like this year? Go ahead, it's not too late to start!