Are you cashing in on your available blessings? (photo)

To be blessed by God means you're empowered my God himself to prosper and succeed!

Without thinking twice, everyone will answer "Yes!" when asked if they want blessings in their life. We are told to "count our blessings" during times of depression or discouragement. So many times we are so focused on the blessings we are looking to receive that we overlook the ones we already have. The first step to receiving blessing is to first be appreciative of the ones we are already enjoying. 

Jesus told us that persecution actually sets us up for blessing. Luke 6:22-23

You did read that right! Usually our first reaction to persecution is that blessings are being taken away from us. Things like our peace, joy, finances and health being stolen from us. That is absolutely true if you are operating only in this world's system. But we are not. 

What we can do with persecution is sow it as a seed instead of taking offense. This is a concept I very recently discovered! Sowing and reaping works in any area when we put it to work and the same is true with persecution. Sow hurts with rejoicing knowing that by doing this, BIG blessings are on the way. 

So, as we pray for those who have hurt us, God's love will be shed abroad in our hearts for that person.  Keep rejoicing, knowing that your harvest of Blessing is on the way!