Are you in control? (Photo)

Control is something we as Americans fight for constantly. We need to have every area of our lives under control, from finances to family life to what food is in our fridge. We thrive on the ability to make choices and feel stifled when we are presented with only one option. The feeling of loosing control can be debilitating! 

This is just one example of the unnecessary stress believers put on themselves when there is a better way available. A way most of us already know about. Our Heavenly Father! When He gave us his Holy Spirit this included a lengthy list of benefits such as comforter, teacher, friend, leader, strengthener and protector. 

Here's a question: Is Jesus just your Savior or is He also your Lord?

We know that when we became born again, Jesus became our Savior, opening the way to eternal life. Making Him our Lord though is a separate decision we must make. Throughout the Bible, we find verses about "our Lord and Savior". It's true that these two are the same but somehow in our minds we separate them. 

The 1828 Webster's dictionary defines Lord as "A master; a person possessing supreme power and authority; a ruler". In the Old Testament, Lord is translated "Jehovah". In making Jesus Lord of our lives, we are not giving up our authority but are agreeing to work with God hand in hand so that we have no regrets. What a great way to live! 

Let's stop being "control freaks" and give God a chance to get things under control in our lives. You won't be disappointed!