How do you prepare yourself for attacks? (picture)

 You can't be fully equipped to counter hardships that come against you if you haven't already put your equipment on. Every person, no matter how spiritual they are, will have "life situations" happen to them. I'm not saying you should sit around and wait for bad things to happen to you but be prepared, so that when negative situations happen, you're not taken off guard. 

Some examples of negative situations could be:

  • A friend or family member promises they will do something for you and back out at the last minute after significant plan have already been set in place.
  • someone at work starts a rumor about you that's not true.
  • someone criticizes your belief system or way of doing things.
  • someone stabs you in the back by lying about you to help them get ahead.

The first step in equipping yourself for attacks is to understand the source of the attacks.

The #1 reason for attacks against believers is spiritual! The devil knows if he can send someone across your path to create conflict, resulting in resentment and offense on you part, you will loose your anointing.

Satan, of all created beings knows about anointing since he used to be THE most anointed angel at one time. So, we must get good at recognizing that people themselves aren't our enemies. When we know that, we can immediately forgive those people and refuse offense. So, how do we get and stay equipped for attacks? 


God's word builds us up and constantly keeps our perception right. The more real God's love is in us, the quicker it will come out of us when negative situations hit us. ( Acts 20:32, Col. 3:16, 1 John 2:14) We must at all costs protect the anointing in us.

I'm going to continue and expound on this thought next week as I leave you with one question... Could it be possible that persecution actually sets you up for blessings? :)